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images-1Updated January 3, 2017

Happy New Year! There are lots of big things in the works in 2017, including my brand new series set in San Francisco. Those who read the charity anthology, It Was Always You, may recall my short, Leaning Into Love. This was Eric and Zane’s story. A sweet, “friends to lovers” with a dose of “opposites attract”tale between a persnickety businessman and a laid-back surfer dude. These old college buddies never would have dreamed they’d find themselves leaning into love.*sigh… 🙂

Sadly, the anthology is no longer available. However, I’m going to rerelease Leaning Into Love in late January/early February in preparation for book 2, Leaning Into the Fall. I’ll update my blog with a firm release date as soon as possible. I’m hoping for mid to late Feb. Fingers crossed! For the curious readers already familiar with book 1, the next story belongs to Nick. ❤

Cover reveals and pre-orders are coming very, very soon! Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are my inspiration photos for Eric and Zane…

unknown-6         unknown-5


Short Story Release:

In case you missed it, I’ve been posting a Matt and Aaron (from Better Than Good) short story on my blog called Better Than Engagement. Parts 1-3 (NSFW) are up now! The remaining parts will be posted once a week and are scheduled to finish in time for the release of Leaning Into the Fall. At least, that’s the plan. LOL! BTE takes place roughly at the same time as Better Than Safe and yes, the title is pretty self explanatory. 🙂 I know there a few Matt and Aaron fans who’ve been anxiously awaiting the final HEA for the only one of my boys who never got an epilogue!

A Kind of Stories News:

And in other big news, book 4 in the A Kind of Stories series is coming in late spring/early summer. A Kind of Home is Isaac’s story. If you’ve read the previous books, you may remember he’s the lead guitarist in Spiral, by now the undisputed biggest band in the world. 😉 I think the Audio for A Kind of Honesty will be out just before book 4, but I’ll keep you posted.kindofromancea_fbprofile_smallA Kind of Romance, 1st place winner of the Rainbow Awards for Best MM Erotic Contemporary Romance (sorry, I had to throw that in somewhere!), is here on audio now!  Seth Clayton did a beautiful job bringing Zeke and Benny’s story to life. Take a listen to AKR here12339209_1174925622541518_4486381292446131299_o

Thank you all for your patience. This page doesn’t get updated as often as it should sometimes. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Happy Reading (& listening)!

Lane xo


14 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

    • I’m definitely going to look into it. I have the work compiled so I only have to figure out how to do it! (Can’t be that hard!) Look for it later this year! 🙂

  1. Aaron and Matt are my ultimate all time favorite couple so I would LOVE to have that book of short stories for them and/or a standalone!! Please have a print version too! =)

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  6. Benny looks adorable. I can see how this pic could be very inspirational. Can’t wait to read his story… love you Lane.

    • Hi Angel- No, as much as I love Eric and Zane, their story was set up to introduce a series. They will be in the next few books and most likely will have a short story or two of their own. Stay tuned! And thank you for asking! ❤

  7. This is excellent news!! I am excited for all the above!! I love the Better Than series!! And the anthology book short was awesome so glad it has a second book coming!! Of course A Kind of is perfect I can’t wait.

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