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UnknownUpdated June 3, 2017


Summer is here and there’s a lot coming very soon! I have two new releases in June. A Kind of Home, book 4 in my A Kind of Stories series will be out June 23. Woohoo! This is Isaac’s story. You may recall he’s the lead guitarist for Spiral, which is now the biggest band in the world.  A lot has changed since Rand and the boys were first struggling to find venues to be heard in A Kind of Truth. I’m looking forward to revealing what my NYC guys are up to now and introducing readers to Adam, my new book boyfriend!   A_Kind_of_Home_FINAL_UpdatedPre-orders are available now at Amazon, Dreamspinner Press, Kobo and other ebook retailers. In the meantime, here are my inspiration photos for Isaac and Adam…             images-8            CnrZDnXVYAAuCgE

My second release is a short story called A Way with Words. Look for it on Amazon Kindle on June 22. This book is part of Felice Stevens’s Kindle World launch highlighting her Breakfast Club/Memories series. A Way with Words is a simple love story set in New York City about finding your voice and ultimately, living your truth. Honestly, I’m in love with Tony and Remy! I wish I could divulge more details now but Amazon is in charge of this one. I’ll update my blog as soon as I get hear anything new.17634364_1875494156063359_4809748833887527818_n

Leaning Into Stories News:

I’m currently working on book 3 in the Leaning Into Stories series, Leaning Into Change. I’m hoping to release this one in September. This one belongs to Josh and… can you guess? (*insert evil laugh)  But just before Leaning Into Change, I’ll be releasing a short story for KU featuring Zane and Eric. I don’t have a title yet, but the story will take place post-Leaning Into Love, pre-Leaning Into the Fall. Look for that one late August/early September.

Audiobook News:

A Kind of Honesty was just released on audio last month and once again, Seth Clayton hits it out of the ballpark. He did such a great job with Tim and Carter’s story that I asked him to narrate Leaning Into Love. Yes! That’s right! Leaning Into Love will be coming late summer to audio. Woohoo! Take a listen to the sample from A Kind of Honesty hereKindofHonesty[A]_FBprofile_smallAs you can see, I’m hopping across the country with my boys from NYC to San Francisco. And I’m loving every minute of it! LOL. My favorite cities have given me a ton of inspiration.

Thank you all for your patience. This page doesn’t get updated as often as it should sometimes. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Happy Reading (& listening)!

Lane xo


15 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

    • I’m definitely going to look into it. I have the work compiled so I only have to figure out how to do it! (Can’t be that hard!) Look for it later this year! 🙂

  1. Aaron and Matt are my ultimate all time favorite couple so I would LOVE to have that book of short stories for them and/or a standalone!! Please have a print version too! =)

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  6. Benny looks adorable. I can see how this pic could be very inspirational. Can’t wait to read his story… love you Lane.

    • Hi Angel- No, as much as I love Eric and Zane, their story was set up to introduce a series. They will be in the next few books and most likely will have a short story or two of their own. Stay tuned! And thank you for asking! ❤

  7. This is excellent news!! I am excited for all the above!! I love the Better Than series!! And the anthology book short was awesome so glad it has a second book coming!! Of course A Kind of is perfect I can’t wait.

  8. Lane, I just finished listening to A Kind of Honesty and am now into The Wrong Man. These are my favorites right up there with Better Than Good,.Matt and Aaron are still my favorite guys and think we need to see/read a wedding. Waiting patiently(kind of) for Isaac’s story towards the end of this month. I’m really waiting to see if you check in with Tim and Carter( happy face if you do!!!<3) 🙂

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