Leaning Into Touch Blog Tour, Better Than Good on Sale & GRL!! Phew!

PaperbackPromoBundle3-626x500So much happening! LOL. There are three stops on the Leaning Into Touch blog tour this week and one more on Monday. Be sure to stop by, say hello and sign up for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card  before the tour ends.

The Novel Approach – exclusive excerpt

10/18- Two Chicks Obsesses with Books and Eye Candy

10/19- Love Bytes Reviews 

10/23- Alpha Book Club

BetterThanGood-Hayes_postcard_front_DSPAnd if you haven’t heard, Better Than Good is on sale for a short time for 99cents! In fact all of the books in the series are discounted so if you haven’t read these yet, now is a great time to try them. The sale price is good through this weekend only!

grl_fulllogo_150Last but not least, I’m on my way to Denver for GRL today! My flight leaves in a couple of hours and I’m super excited! But of course I haven’t packed yet. Procrastination at its finest! I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people too. If you’re
there, please be sure to stop by to say hello! Unknown-9Happy Reading! Lane xo



Leaning Into Touch Blog Tour Continues!

LeaningIntoTouch-teaser3-1000x750There are 2 stops on the Leaning Into Touch tour today and one tomorrow. Today, come on by Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews and The Blogger Girls for a couple of exclusive interviews. Tomorrow, I’ll be at Joyfully Jay’s with an exclusive excerpt from Josh and Finn’s story.grl_fulllogo_150I’m on my way to the UPS store with nine boxes to ship to Denver for GRL. I know… WTF?? On the bright side, GRL is next week! Woohoo! Who’s going? Please be sure to come say hello if you’ll be there. I’m doing a reading on Friday afternoon and I’ve yet to decide which book to read from. Ideas?

And last but not definitely not least, Happy National Coming Out Day! I reposted the piece I wrote last year on Facebook, but I’ll leave it here too.

Happy Reading! Lane xo

images-2**National Coming Out Day is a special day. I know not every closeted LGBTQ person feels safe or ready to come out, but when you are, it’s important to know there is a beautiful world waiting for you with some amazing people just like yourselves. As the mother of a young gay man, the day he came out to me four years ago is one I will never forget. It wasn’t a celebration for him. It wasn’t something he was excited to do. In fact, he pulled me into a small office (small as a closet) and in a very shaky voice told me he had something to say. But he couldn’t say it right away. I took a few minutes…maybe longer.

I remember wondering if I should tell him I already knew (or at least had an idea) then worrying it wasn’t my place to speak. These were his words and they had to be spoken in his voice. I won’t say the clouds parted and sweet angelic voices sang Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out” the moment he said, “I’m gay”, but it was a beginning. He knew right from the start of his journey that he had love, acceptance and hope in his corner. The tougher part was learning to accept himself.

The journey of self-discovery is not unique to anyone no matter what your sexuality is. But doubt, self-loathing and fear should be left behind. My hope for my son, who is now 22, is that he learns to embrace every aspect of himself. He is not defined by who he loves but rather by his ability to love. I am a proud LGBT mom. This rainbow is a beautiful place. To those who’ve chosen to step out today…welcome. You are not alone.

Leaning Into Touch Blog Tour Starts Today!

LeaningIntoTouch-teaser2-1000x750That’s right. The official Leaning Into Touch blog tour begins with a stop today at MM Good Book Reviews! Here are the other stops scheduled this week:

10/10- On Top Down Under Book Reviews
10/11- Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews
The Blogger Girls
10/12- Joyfully Jay

There are exclusive excerpts, a deleted scene and a couple of interviews as well as a $25 Rafflecopter opportunity so be sure to come on by.

Also, I’ll be the Bookalicious Babes Blog (say that 3 times fast) today on Facebook at 4pm PST to chat about Josh and Finn and what’s next in the Leaning Into Stories books. I’m part of a bigger line-up and I’ll be fan-girling over a few of my favorite authors myself! Come join me!Unknown-11I want to give a special thank you to my amazing readers! You’ve made this crazy past week before the release of Leaning Into Touch and the days afterward such a joy. Thank you for letting me know how you feel about Josh and Finn. I love Cinna Mon’s take in her review for Love Bytes, “I love this kind of situation where nobody understands the emotions a couple share. It gives a very unique feel to the atmosphere and makes the love story truly precious.” In my opinion, every love story is one-of-a-kind. Some are simple and others ask you for a modicum of patience while one (or both) of the MCs gets his shit together. LOL. Thank you for laughing with Josh and for sticking by Finn. He’s worth it! (And he’s so handsome too!! *swoon)Justice-Joslin-Massimo-Dutti-04A few people have asked me about doing a mini short for Jeff and Lars. I’m seriously considering it. The short would be posted here and in my FB reader group, Lane’s Lovers. Who’s interested?

Thanks again & Happy Reading! Lane xo

Leaning Into Touch is LIVE on Amazon!

LeaningIntoTouch-1400x2100Josh and Finn’s story is finally here! Those of you’ve read the previous books in the series may remember Josh is part of the close-knit group of college friends living in San Francisco. And Finn… he’s the Irishman the others aren’t so sure can be trusted. He’s handsome and charismatic but aloof which is why things didn’t go quite the way Josh hoped they would the first time he got involved with Finn. A chance meeting at a vulnerable moment a year later changes everything. There’s something about being exposed to someone who knows just enough about you but not too much. It’s a slow seduction that might tip into more if you lean into touch.LeaningIntoTouch-teaser1-1000x750I hope you enjoy Josh and Finn’s journey, complete with humor, a dose of family drama and steamy moments as well!

The Leaning Into Touch blog tour will begin next week so stayed for info! Also, I’m doing my first ever Release Day Party with an amazing line-up of talented authors today! Please come join the fun.

5:00 – S.c. Wynne
5:30 – Aimee Nicole Walker
6:00 – Lane Hayes
6:30 – Lynn Michaels
7:00 – Cardeno C
7:30 – Ella Frank/Brooke Blaine
8:00 – Christina Lee/Riley Hart
8:30 – Felice Stevens
9:00 – Michael Bailey
9:30 – Cara Dee

Phew! So much info and more to come! Thank you all for your amazing support. You honestly make this writing adventure so worthwhile!

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

25 Wedding Anniversary and 48 hours till Leaning Into Touch…

FullSizeRender-83Twenty-five years ago I married my best friend. It was the best decision I ever made. I know that sounds corny but it’s true. And the fact he makes me laugh everyday isn’t just a bonus, I think it’s the key. When life gets tough, and trust me, it definitely does, I can’t tell you how much it means to have someone who can share your tears and make you do that ugly half cry, half laugh and remind you that you’re not alone. We’ve raised three children, sent them to college, changed careers, lost parents and a beloved dog. We’ve traveled in good times and stayed home when money was tight. We’ve been booster presidents, team parents and cheerleaders for our kids’ sports and for their personal milestones, like coming out. We’ve shared dreams, disappointments, hopes and failures and yet we give each other the space we need to grow as individuals and become more than we thought we could be. images-17I don’t share this lightly. I keep to myself when it comes to my private life but today feels important. Today feels like the kind of day that you make sure the people in your life know how much you love them, appreciate them and how grateful you are to be part of their world.

Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful soul I know. Thank you for inspiring me everyday. I look forward to many, many more years. I love you to the moon and back a million times over. tumblr_n8gpy1wDWR1t5mo1fo1_400And though this may be a slightly awkward segue… Leaning Into Touch will be live in less than 48 hours! If you aren’t already a member, come join my reader group, Lane’s Lovers today for a chance to win an ARC of Josh and Finn’s story!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

Leaning Into Touch Cover Reveal!!!

Leaning Into Touch will be here October 5 but there’s no way I could wait to show off this gorgeous new cover. Isn’t it fabulous? Reese Dante has done it again!
Leaning Into Touch belongs to Josh and Finn. If you’ve read the other books in the series, you may remember Josh is part of a tight-knit group of college buddies living in San Francisco. Unlike his more successful friends, Josh struggles to find his groove. It only makes sense that the day he loses his job and his family begins to show signs of cracking is the day he runs into the Irishman he hoped was “the one”. Finn Gallagher is handsome, charming and has an accent to die for but in some ways he’s unknowable… untouchable. And though he’s no expert, Josh knows the only sure way to love is to lean into touch.

Diverse Readers is hosting the Cover Reveal today along with a giveaway. Stop by for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card! Mark your calendars for October 5! This full-length novel is a standalone, but you may be interested in catching up with the other boys in the series. Book 1- Leaning Into Love (Eric & Zane short story), Book 2- Leaning Into Always (Eric & Zane short story), Book 3- Leaning Into the Fall (Nick-full length story). Amazon doesn’t like fractions. *insert eye roll. I was asked to renumber to bundle the series to avoid confusion. Hopefully it didn’t create confusion instead. LOL. By the way, Leaning Into Love and Leaning Into Always are available in 2-for-1 paperback form now. Check it out here.

Also, I finally started a Lane Hayes group on Facebook called Lane’s Lovers. I’d love to have you join me!

The countdown begins now. Two weeks until Josh and Finn are here! Woohoo!

Happy Reading!
Lane xo

Leaning Into Always is Available Now on Amazon!

LeaningIntoAlways-1400x2100Woohoo! It’s officially Release Day for Leaning Into Always. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this story. I wrote Book 1, Leaning Into Love, for an anthology and pretty much knew from the start Eric and Zane would launch my newest series set in San Francisco. Their story was a perfect touchstone for the other guys whose books I had yet to write. But I couldn’t help thinking Eric and Zane deserved to have a little more of their story told. Leaning Into Always  is part 2 to LIL (or Book 1.5). It showcases the delicate transition involved in moving from friends to lover and ultimately, husbands.

Eric and Zane are one of my favorite couples. Yes, I wrote the story so I’m totally biased, but honestly, these guys are so relatable! Who hasn’t worried some latent part of their teenage self has inexplicably resurfaced at the worst possible time to ruin their present? Doubt, self-recrimination…we’ve all been there. But hopefully we’re smart enough to leave the past behind and lean into always. images-2
Enjoy Eric and Zane! And get ready for the next full-length book in the series, Leaning Into Touch, coming October 5.

**FYI:  Leaning Into the Fall, book 2 is currently on sale for 99cents until Sept. 8. That means for a couple more days you can purchase all 3 books in this series for under $5. WHAT??? Now that’s a deal!

Happy Reading!  Lane xo



7 Days and Counting until Leaning Into Always is Here!

LeaningIntoAlways-teaser2-800x600Usually I would have begun my countdown a few days ago, but I was on a mini vacation in NYC.  The trip was our pre-25 year anniversary treat to ourselves and a means to keep me occupied after dropping our youngest child off at college. We survived the teary good-bye and went on to have a lovely few days away.  I shamelessly posted a ton of photos online. You may have seen a few. LOL.  It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been to the city, there’s always something new to discover. Or something that’s been there all along that I’m finally cluing into… like the rooftop lounge at our hotel with killer panoramic views north. Isn’t it incredible? I’ve stayed there a dozen times and never set foot on that patio until a few days ago. *insert eye roll. Always a late to the party!IMG_9131I don’t want anyone to be late to the party next week though! Leaning Into Always will here before you know it. If you’re interested in a sneak peek to the second part of Eric and Zane’s story, check out the exclusive excerpt posted today at Love Bytes. And in case you missed it, I’m going to leave the audio sample of Leaning Into Love here too. Seth Clayton does a fantastic job with this one! Oh… and don’t forget, Leaning Into Touch is also coming late Sept/early Oct. So much going on this fall!

Happy Reading! Lane xo


Big Day! And Just 14 Days till Leaning Into Always is Here…

Unknown-7This day has been marked on my calendar for months. August 22…take youngest to college. That day. I’ve done this twice before with my boys and it was emotional then too. But this is happening, there’s no turning back. Not that I’d want to, of course. College is such a rarefied and exciting time. I’m thrilled for her and I wouldn’t change a thing. However, I’d love to get all the sappy, make-you-cry songs out of my head. Remember “To Sir, With Love”? It’s on heavy rotation in my brain. OMG, help!

LeaningIntoLove-AUDIOBOOK-FBAd-1200x628Thank God for books and audiobooks! Leaning Into Love was released on audio last week. And because every great audio deserves a shout-out, today is Leaning Into Love‘s Release Day Blitz. There is a $10 Amazon Giftcard opportunity too so be sure to stop by one or all of the awesome blogs listed below.

Also… 14 days and counting! Leaning Into Always is almost here! I can’t wait for readers to get the next chapter in Eric and Zane’s story. Stay tuned for teasers!

Happy Reading and Listening!  Lane xo Unknown-5*(Bayou Book Junkie, BFD Book Blog, Bookish Devices, Boy Meets Boy Reviews, Dani’s Book Review Blog, Dog-Eared Daydreams, Gay Book Reviews, Happily Ever Chapter, Kimmer’s Erotic Book Blog, Kitty’s Book Spot, Making It Happen, Milly Loves Books, MM Good Book Reviews, Redz World, We Three Queens,Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews, Wicked Reads, Zipper Rippers)


Leaning Into Love Audiobook is Available Now on Amazon!!

LeaningIntoLove-AUDIOBOOK-FBAd-1200x628Woohoo! Hot off the press! I just received word that Leaning Into Love, Book 1 in my Leaning Into Stories series is available on audio and guess who’s back to narrate?? Yep, Seth Clayton! He did such an amazing job on my A Kind of Stories books that I asked him to help out with this series also. Let me assure you, his Zane voice is swoon-worthy. LOL

Take a listen here. The audiobook is at Amazon now. It will be available on Audible.com and iTunes within the next couple of days too.

*Leaning Into Always, Book 1B will be here September 5!! Get ready!

Happy Listening!
Lane xo