Leaning Into Love Audiobook is Available Now on Amazon!!

LeaningIntoLove-AUDIOBOOK-FBAd-1200x628Woohoo! Hot off the press! I just received word that Leaning Into Love, Book 1 in my Leaning Into Stories series is available on audio and guess who’s back to narrate?? Yep, Seth Clayton! He did such an amazing job on my A Kind of Stories books that I asked him to help out with this series also. Let me assure you, his Zane voice is swoon-worthy. LOL

Take a listen here. The audiobook is at Amazon now. It will be available on Audible.com and iTunes within the next couple of days too.

*Leaning Into Always, Book 1B will be here September 5!! Get ready!

Happy Listening!
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Leaning Into Always Cover Reveal!

LeaningIntoAlways-1400x2100Here it is! Isn’t it pretty? So Southern California beachy and fresh! I love it! Some readers may be thinking…”wait, isn’t the Leaning Into Stories series set in San Francisco?” Yes, that’s true, but Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love are both from So Cal (*cough… from my hometown specifically). When the boys head home to visit family, they end up meeting an unwelcome piece of the past and things get complicated. They may hail from the same place, but each had very different experiences growing up. Zane was a cool kid and Eric was a nerd. Opposites attract!  As we know, any solid relationship requires an element of navigation to lean into always. ❤

Unknown-5 Leaning Into Always will be released on September 5 on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. This is a part 2 to Leaning Into Love, but it isn’t necessary to read part 1 first. All of my books are standalones.  In fact, you may even choose to listen to Leaning Into Love when it’s released in audio in late August! Woohoo! And let’s not forget, Leaning Into Touch, Book 3 in the series will be coming in late September. Lots happening!

Happy Reading! Lane xo


Cover Reveal Coming This Week!

Unknown-5Finally! If I’ve been a little quiet, it’s because I’m madly preparing for two releases next month. Woohoo! I’ve headed back to my Leaning Into series and my San Francisco boys. First up is Leaning Into Always. This novella belongs to Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love. It’s a part two to their story, which I suppose makes it #1B. 🙂 The thing is… I couldn’t leave them alone at 30k words, I had to add another 30k. LOL. Look for this cover reveal at Love Bytes Review this coming Thursday, Aug. 10. And mark your calendars for the September 5 release date. Next comes Book #3, Leaning Into Touch (Sept. 28)! Unknown-11And let’s not forget audio! Both Leaning Into Love and Leaning Into the Fall are in production now. A Kind of Home hopefully will also be out by late 2017.

See? Busy, busy, busy! Three days and counting…

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

San Fran Musings & Leaning Into News!

FullSizeRender-80I’m writing this from one of my favorite places in the world… San Francisco. Woohoo! I made the six and a half hour drive from Orange County to Northern California yesterday (yeah, I’m a little bit of a lead foot) with my family to visit our oldest son and I have to say, God I love this place! That first glimpse of the City by the Bay from the Oakland side is simply breathtaking. It’s truly like Oz. An enchanted fairytale land onto its own, connected to the main land by remarkable bridges that stretch for miles with the Pacific Ocean in as a dramatic backdrop. *sigh

Okay, I’ll admit, it’s not all sunshine and roses. The fog that rolled in last night hasn’t receded. It feels like winter in July this morning. LOL. And I’m sure I could think of a thing or two I don’t love about the nonstop construction and sometimes dirty streets, but on the whole, this is a unique and special place and I’m thrilled my son has found his home away from home here.IMG_8882My plan today is to explore as much by foot as possible. I’ll hit all my usual favorite spots like the Ferry Building and the Wharf, then maybe take a ferry to Sausalito before meeting up with my son in the Castro. This is a family time kind of trip but the writer in me is always working. I set my newest series, Leaning Into Stories, here so you can bet I’ll see my characters everywhere I go. In fact, I saw Josh at the SF MOMA yesterday checking out the Edvard Munch exhibit. I’m sure I’ll spot Zane and Eric on a dock near the Marina, and maybe bump into Nick and Wes walking in the Castro later. (Those of you who read Leaning Into the Fall may recall the penis cookie scene. If I stop by Hot Cookie, I’ll take a picture!)

I’m releasing two new books in the Leaning Into series in September. Leaning Into Always (Sept. 5) is the part two short story for Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love and Leaning Into Touch (Sept. 28) belongs to Josh. I’m currently working on book #4 and something completely new to me… a holiday story!IMG_8885My family and my Leaning Into friends await! Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.

Happy Reading! Lane xo

*I’m pretty sure this last pic is Eric and Zane on their boat! 🙂

A Kind of Home’s Final Blog Tour Stop!

images-8This is it! The final stop on the A Kind of Home blog tour is at Bayou Book Junkie. Be sure to check out my short list of my “favorite things” ❤ . And thank you for joining me along the way. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for sure. I’m not sure I’d recommend having two releases a day a part to anyone. It’s stressful as hell! LOL. However, I appreciate all the lovely notes from readers who enjoyed A Kind of Home and A Way with Words. You honestly make it all worthwhile. And for those who were asking… yes, I’m planning on write a second book for A Way with Words. Look for it in January!AWayWithWords-Teaser2-1000In the meantime, I’m back to my SF boys! There’s a Eric and Zane short story coming to KU, an audiobook for Leaning Into Love and book 3 in the series, Leaning Into Touch coming in Sept/Oct! Woohoo!

Happy Reading! Happy Summer!

Lane xo

A Kind of Stories…$1, $2, $3 Sale at Dreamspinner!

Dreamspinner_123Sale_squareAnyone in need of ramping up their summer reading? The first three book of my A Kind of Stories series are featured in Dreamspinner Press’s 1, 2, 3 sale starting today! The sale features 10 series by 10 authors where the first book in each series is $1, the second book is $2, and the third book is $3. That’s three books for the price of one! Wow!
The sale includes: A Kind of Stories series by Lane Hayes, Balls to the Wall by Tara Lain, A Survivor Story by J.P. Barnaby, Archangel Chronicles by L. J. LaBarthe, Mangrove series by Mary Calmes, Blue Notes by Shira Anthony, Faith, Love, & Devotion by Tere Michaels, Foothills Pride by Pat Henshaw, Delectable by EM Lynley, and Bushrangers by Jack Byrne.
For series lovers, this is nice one! The sale runs from July 12 to July 16.
Happy Summer Reading!  Lane xo

Happy Book Birthday, Better Than Good!

BetterThanGood-Hayes_postcard_front_DSPToday is the book birthday of my very first published novel. Better Than Good was release on July 8th four years ago. (Amazon gives another date but my contract says the 8th and I believe it! lol) They say your first will always be special and I have to say that’s true for me. I wrote it as a love letter of sorts to my oldest son who came out days before leaving for college in San Francisco. I’d expected his revelation but I wasn’t prepared for his fear. I thought our conversation would be a simple reassuring exchange along the lines of, “We love you. Nothing will ever change.” But my acceptance wasn’t the same as my son’s acceptance of himself. I sensed it could take some time for him to learn to love and respect himself and believe he was worthy of love and respect in turn. I couldn’t follow him to SF so I wrote a story instead.images-1Matt and Aaron’s story is a simple love story about a young law student who meets a beautiful man and soon realizes nothing will ever be the same again. Better Than Good is a journey of self-discovery and ultimately self-acceptance. I had no huge expectations when the book was published. In fact, I really had no clue how anything in the publishing world worked. I’d unwittingly set on my own journey and never looked back.

My son graduated from college last year and is working at a start up in SF. He’s happy, well-adjusted and very in tune with his homosexuality. Gone is the awkward teen and the kid who never fit in. He’s a work in progress, but he’s blossoming into someone he can be proud of too. And me? I’m still writing. This genre is incredibly special. The vision of hope in a well-written romance is so powerfully life-affirming, but it really resonates in the MM world. I’m more grateful than ever to be part of it.football2For those who’ve asked if there will be more Matt and Aaron shorts, the answer is yes. I can’t let these guys go! LOL. I think about them all the time. Conversations they might have over coffee or while watching television or in bed pop up in my mind at strange times and yeah… what about that wedding?  It will happen. Maybe even later this year. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, thank you for being part of this journey with me.

Happy Reading,  Lane xo

A Kind of Home Blog Tour- Exclusive Excerpt!

Unknown-9The A Kind of Home blog tour continues today with a stop at Love Bytes and an exclusive excerpt. Yay! And because this is my blog and you know how that goes, I have to share that A Way with Words is still #1 on the Kindle World LGBT charts on Amazon alongside the other books in Felice’s Memories with the Breakfast Club books. Woohoo! I’m so thrilled to be part of this new launch and very proud of my friend. Congrats Felice and thank you to the readers for making this possible. ❤ 19390560_713031625570326_499041692295186091_oOn another note, I hope you all had a relaxing 4th of July. It was crazy here. Fireworks went on until sometime after midnight. Geesh! And though I love fireworks, it was a tad excessive. Doesn’t anyone have to work today? *insert eye roll. I do! I’m working on a short story and edits for Leaning Into Touch. 🙂 Time to get back to it!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

A Kind of Home Blog Tour Continues!

images-8There are two stops on the A Kind of Home blog tour today. One with “deleted scenes” content and the other with a short interview with moi! Also, for the international readers still in need of a copy of A Way with Words, be sure to stop by Love Bytes tomorrow. I’ll be giving away a couple copies there and chatting a bit about Tony and Remy as well as Isaac and Adam.

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Boy Meets Boy Reviews

I’m diving back into my Leaning Into short story featuring Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love . Remember my SF boys? Their story was a bit abbreviated because it was originally part of an anthology. I want to give readers a sneak peek into their lives before Book 3, Leaning Into Touch comes out in late September. Here’s a little reminder of Zane… hot, huh?unknown-5

Happy Reading! Lane xo

A Kind of Home Blog Tour Begins Today!

AKindOfStory-Teaser1It starts! The official A Kind of Home blog tour begins today with two stops and includes an exclusive excerpt and the “soundtrack” to the book (every book needs a soundtrack, right?). As always, there’s a Rafflecopter opportunity to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Come on by and say hello!

Joyfully Jay
My Fiction Nook

For those of you who may not realize it, A Way with Words came out last week too. It’s a short but sweet story also set in NYC. For those of you who’ve wondered if this was book 1 in a series, the answer is… yes! Book 2 will most likely come out with the second Kindle Worlds launch in January 2018. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check out Tony and Remy’s story on Amazon.AWayWithWords-200x318I want to give a special shoutout to the readers who’ve let me know how much they’ve enjoyed Isaac and Adam and Tony and Remy’s stories. I’ve had a whirlwind month filled with milestone birthdays, travel, graduations and not one, but two releases. It’s been crazy and stressful and of course, I caught a cold… LOL, but my awesome readers make it all  worthwhile. Thank you. I truly appreciate it. ❤

Happy Summer and Happy Reading!

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