Better Than Shorts, Matt & Aaron Short Stories…

Here are the seven short stories I’ve written from the Better Than Good world, featuring snippets of Matt and Aaron’s life. They’re roughly in chronological order. Better Than Family takes place approximately two years before Better Than Safe (Paul & Seth’s story)  while Better Than Engagement and Better Than Wedding are at the same time as Better Than Safe. I’m still planning on putting these in Kindle format, but I figured this was a good start!  Enjoy!

*All stories are NSFW 😉

Better Than Candy by Lane Hayesimages-30

Better Than Pride, A Matt & Aaron Short

images-20Better Than a Christmas Tree A Matt and Aaron Short Story

images-34Better Than Birthday Matt and Aaron Short Story


Better Than Family A Matt and Aaron Short Story


Better Than Engagement, All Parts NSFW


Better Than Wedding– All Parts