Better Than, Right & Wrong, A Kind of Stories are on KU Now!

KU-BetterThan-Seriespromo-1200x800 2It’s true! My first three series, Better Than, Right & Wrong, and A Kind Of are all available on KU now. They’ve been repriced and in a few cases, they also include extra content. For example…Better Than Good now includes a not-previously released epilogue and Better Than Friends comes with a brand new bonus chapter. A sexy one too!😍 Better Than Safe and A Kind of Truth come with short stories. And The Right Time come with a bonus chapter. 

All of the ebooks are now live. It may take a few days to work the kinks out and link the titles properly, but I’m so thrilled to be able to expose these books to a larger audience at an affordable price. And yes, all audio and foreign translation are still available…win win! 😉 These titles will only be on KU for 90 days so check them out!

*Better Than Good…
Better Than Chance…
*Better Than Friends…
*Better Than Safe…
*A Kind of Truth…
A Kind of Romance…
A Kind of Honestly –
A Kind of Home…
The Right Words-
The Wrong Man-
*The Right Time –
And don’t forget…Out in the Field will be here in less than three weeks!! Woohoo!
Happy Reading! Lane xo
KU-AKindOf-Seriespromo-1200x800 2
KU-RightAndWrong-Seriespromo-1200x800 2

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