A Kind of Home Blog Tour Continues!

images-8There are two stops on the A Kind of Home blog tour today. One with “deleted scenes” content and the other with a short interview with moi! Also, for the international readers still in need of a copy of A Way with Words, be sure to stop by Love Bytes tomorrow. I’ll be giving away a couple copies there and chatting a bit about Tony and Remy as well as Isaac and Adam.

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Boy Meets Boy Reviews

I’m diving back into my Leaning Into short story featuring Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love . Remember my SF boys? Their story was a bit abbreviated because it was originally part of an anthology. I want to give readers a sneak peek into their lives before Book 3, Leaning Into Touch comes out in late September. Here’s a little reminder of Zane… hot, huh?unknown-5

Happy Reading! Lane xo

2 thoughts on “A Kind of Home Blog Tour Continues!

    • Sure thing! It’s back to SF for me. I’m releasing 3 full-length Leaning Into books and at least 2 more short stories. I’m going to concentrate on those and most likely Book 2 in A Way with… Reeve’s story just might be next! ❤

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