Home Again & A Kind of Honesty Audio Update!

FullSizeRender-72Bon jour! Cheers! I’m home! I have eight loads of dirty laundry, empty cupboards, a couple wilting houseplants, and no doubt a serious case of jet lag coming my way, but my trip abroad was well worth it! We hit fabulous weather in London and Paris. It was mostly cool but there were a couple of summer-esque days in the beginning and almost no rain. Nice! I’ve been posting pics on FB, Instagram and Twitter but I’ll leave a couple more here too because one thing I don’t skimp on is photo-taking! I literally have hundreds to go through. IMG_8152This wasn’t my first time in either city but I know some people will ask which city I liked best this visit and I can honestly say… both. London is so much more vibrant than I remembered it from my last trip a dozen years ago. There are cranes dotting the skyline everywhere. The growth and innovation is impressive! I could easily see myself living there one day. 🙂 And Paris…*sigh… I’ll always love Paris. It takes my breath away every time. I was pleased it left a lasting impression on my daughter too. She loved it too.

But it’s back to reality today! I can’t wait to get back to my guys. Eleven hours in the air was well spent plotting and planning three different books. LOL. My big news is that A Kind of Honesty will be available within the next week or two on audio! Woohoo! I can’t wait to hear Seth Clayton’s narration of Tim and Carter’s story. And of course, this is the perfect lead-in to the release of Book 4, A Kind of Home, which will be out June 23! Look for the cover reveal and pre-order links for DSP a month in advance. 🙂IMG_8144Here’s a bit of teaser news… I have two short stories slated for KU release in June (22nd) and July.  The first is for Kindle World (more info to come) and the second one will be a Zane and Eric short story to prep readers for Book 3 in the Leaning Into Stories series which should be out by August. So yeah… it’s going to be a busy busy summer!

Also, I’m accepting name suggestions for a Lane Hayes FB readers group! I’d like to get one up and running by May. So far I’ve heard Lovers’ Lane, Lane’s Little Black Book, Lane’s Lovers Lounge (kinda like that one!). What do you think?

Back to work! Happy Reading!

Lane xo

8 thoughts on “Home Again & A Kind of Honesty Audio Update!

  1. I am happy to see A KInd of Honesty is going audio. I am now re-reading Tim and Carter’s story. They are my favorite guys next to Matt and Aaron. 🙂

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