Cover Reveal for Leaning Into the Fall!

Surprise! Leaning Into the Fall will be released March 15, but this cover is too pretty not to share now. My Fiction Nook is hosting the exclusive reveal here. Be sure to stop by MFN for an exclusive excerpt and for a chance to win a $40 Amazon gift card.leaningintothefall-1800x2700

Leaning Into the Fall is book 2 in my new series featuring a group of college friends from San Francisco. This story belongs to Nick, who you may remember as Eric’s best friend from Leaning Into Love. Nick Jorgensen is a difficult-to-understand genius. He’s smarter than average in most ways, but he can’t seem to connect easily with people. Personally, I know a few people like Nick. LOL. In fact, a story or two from the book has been drawn from real-life accounts. (I’ll wait to share those after you’ve had a chance to get to read this one 😉 ) Wes is the opposite, but for some reason, he gets Nick. Perhaps it’s their age difference or perhaps its a matter of finally finding someone Nick can trust with the pieces of himself he doesn’t always understand. ❤ leaningintothefall-fbad3-1200x628-2

Mark your calendars for March 15. Leaning Into the Fall will be available in all formats, including paperback. Book 1 in the series, Leaning Into Love, is a short story. It’s available now on Amazon KU  for just 99 cents. For those curious, Leaning Into the Fall and the rest in the series are full-length novels.

Less than three weeks away! I can’t wait!

Happy Reading!  Lane xo


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