4.5 Stars for Better Than Friends from Live Your Life, Buy the Book!!!

ImageThe reviews over the past couple of days have been amazing for Better Than Friends.  Heartfelt, thoughtful…you name it. I am immensely grateful.  I love these characters, but knowing other people do too?… wow, no words.   This one just came in last night and after spending a day in the sun at my son’s graduation, it was a particularly fun one to receive.  Big thanks and a hug to Whit!  You can read the review from Live Your Life, Buy the Book here:  http://liveyourlifebuythebook.com/2014/06/19/better-than-friends/

Tomorrow I’m on Dreamspinner’s Goodreads page for (gulp) 3 hours chatting about the Better Than Stories or…whatever you feel like talking about.  Summer, hot naked men….your wish is my command (you don’t even have to keep it clean). Please come visit.  I don’t want to spend the afternoon alone. 🙂  

In the meantime, I must get back to work. Write, write, write…  xo Lane

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